CHMC Workshop

Workshop on Memory Consolidation, Restoration, and Augmentation

The recent surge of interest in how the brain encodes and consolidates experiences has resulted in a flood of new experimental results. Beyond our fascination with the mechanisms of intelligence, some of our goals are to develop new therapies for memory deficit disorders, to improve our abilities to learn new skills and facts, and to build more intelligent software and hardware systems. These advances will likely be critical to the future prosperity, education, health, and security of our society. What are the latest findings informing theories and models of memory consolidation? What are the implications for the treatment of TBI or senility, or for accelerating the learning of students? Are there ideas here to inspire a new generation of machine learning techniques?

HRL Laboratories has led a number of large teams in DARPA and IARPA neuroscience programs over the last 10 years, most recently in the DARPA BTO tSTIM, MEMES, and RAM Replay programs exploring the use of transcranial stimulation to enhance memory consolidation. This workshop will be designed to promote an exchange of ideas between the neuroscience and machine learning communities.

Participation in this 1-day workshop as either an author or a participant is by invitation. Prospective authors may submit a 1 - 2 page abstract related to the topics of interest. Authors whose submissions are accepted will receive a travel and lodging stipend to attend the workshop. Costs will be covered only for travel within the continental U.S. Authors will be asked to present their position paper and participate in one or more breakout sessions. Prospective participants may submit a CV and will be notified regarding acceptance. Coffee breaks and lunch will be provided to all attendees.

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08:30am - 08:45amHRL & CHMC Overview, Opening RemarksRajan Bhattacharyya
08:45am - 09:30amOptimization of Deep Brain Stimulation for Episodic
Nanthia Suthana (UCLA)
09:30am - 10:15amExposure Therapy for PTSD as a Means to Promote Extinction of Emotional Responses to TraumaSkip Rizzo (USC/ICT)
10:30am - 11:15amA Novel Approach to Neural Network Construction that Replicates Brain TissueJeff Krichmar (UCI)
11:15am - 11:45amActive Long Term Memory Networks with GAN Replay MemoryTommaso Furlanello (USC)
12:00pm - 01:00pmRecent Advances in Non-Invasive Modulation of Memory Formation and ConsolidationPraveen Pilly (HRL)
02:00pm - 02:45pmDifferential Roles of Sleep Spindles and Sleep Slow Oscillations in Memory ConsolidationMaxim Bazhenov, (UCSD)
02:45pm - 3:30pmComplementary Learning Systems in Natural and Artificial IntelligenceJay McClelland (Stanford)
03:45pm - 04:15pmBiologically Plausible Contrastive Divergence:
Towards an Abstract Complementary Learning
Georgios Detorakis (UCI)


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